Pavé Rentals™ is a special event rental company born out of a love for story-telling and celebration. 


As both a dessert artisan and a vintage connoisseur, founder and president Tiffany Noh’s focus is always on the details of her client’s special events. From the precise measurements she takes of her Florentine cake stand to the matching rattans in each backdrop she carefully selects, Tiffany applies a meticulous attention to her craft that is second to none.  She believes that the big picture of the day does not come fully into focus without it.  


Pavé Rentals pursues this philosophy in both its presentation and delivery of its hand-selected, high-quality pieces.  With the help of local businesses and popular special event shops, we have curated a unique variety of models that are sure to open your day to new and exciting arrangements and possibilities and unlock the full potential of your space. 


Contact us today to help you tell your story the way you always wanted it to be told and remembered.  We are available for all of your corporate, staging, wedding, and birthday occasions.